Red Sea Reef Foundation – Starter Pack 3x 250ml


Red Sea’s Reef Foundation Program – It’s all in the balance.

Contains: 250ml of Foundation A (Ca/Sr), Foundation B (Kh/Alkalinity) and Foundation C (Mg) to get you started with the perfect system.

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Everything You Need for Reef Success

Introducing the Red Sea Reef Foundation Starter Pack, your comprehensive solution for kickstarting a thriving and breath-taking reef aquarium. This all-in-one pack includes three vital components – Red Sea Reef Foundation A (Ca/Sr), Red Sea Reef Foundation B (Kh), and Red Sea Reef Foundation C (Mg). Let’s explore how this starter pack can elevate your reef-keeping journey:

Achieve the Perfect Chemistry

The success of any reef aquarium begins with the right chemical balance. With the Red Sea Reef Foundation Starter Pack, you can effortlessly maintain the ideal levels of calcium (Ca), strontium (Sr), alkalinity (KH), and magnesium (Mg). This perfect chemistry ensures:

  • Robust Coral Growth: Provide your corals with the essential elements they need to thrive, promoting vibrant and healthy coral skeletons.
  • Stunning Coral Colors: Watch your coral display mesmerizing colors, captivating everyone who gazes upon your aquarium.
  • Water Stability: Maintain stable water parameters, reducing stress on your marine inhabitants and preventing unwanted algae growth.

Easy and Precise Dosing

We understand the challenges of maintaining optimal water conditions. The Red Sea Reef Foundation Starter Pack simplifies the process with user-friendly dosing instructions for each component. Achieve precise chemical levels with ease, ensuring your reef’s long-term success without the guesswork.

A Complete Solution

Whether you’re a seasoned reef enthusiast or just starting your journey, this starter pack covers all your needs. It includes 250ml of:

  • Red Sea Reef Foundation A (Ca/Sr): Elevate your coral colors and support their skeletal growth.
  • Red Sea Reef Foundation B (Kh): Maintain alkalinity and promote vibrant coral colors and growth.
  • Red Sea Reef Foundation C (Mg): Achieve magnesium balance for resilient corals and reduced algae growth.


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