Red Sea Reef Foundation B (KH/Alkalinity) – Powder 1kg


Buffer Supplement in powder form. Robust coral skeletons are essential for all reefs, and only achievable by ensuring the basic elements Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium and Carbonate are readily available and in the correct ratio to each other. If they are not in the correct ratio the coral skeleton can form as a fragile calcite.

This product is part of Stage 1 of the new Red Sea unique Reef Care Program (RCP). The Reef Foundation Stage provides a complete solution for testing and supplementing these foundation elements and allows the reef-keeper to take control of their aquarium.

Concentration: Powder supplement: 1g will raise the Alk level of 100 litres (25 gal) 0.12 meq/l (0.33dKH). 1 kg will make 10L of stock solution.

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Red Sea Reef Foundation B (Kh/Alkalinity): Your Key to a Stable and Vibrant Reef Aquarium

Elevate Your Reef’s Resilience and Beauty

Welcome to a world where your reef aquarium is not only stunning but also incredibly resilient. Red Sea Reef Foundation B (Kh/Alkalinity) is your ticket to a thriving and vibrant aquatic environment. Let’s explore the essential features of this exceptional product:

Maintain Ideal Alkalinity (KH) Levels

Alkalinity, often represented as KH (carbonate hardness), is a critical parameter for the health and stability of your reef. Red Sea Reef Foundation B is formulated to help you maintain optimal KH levels, ensuring:

  • pH Stability: Keep your aquarium’s pH within the ideal range, providing a comfortable environment for your marine life.
  • Coral Vitality: Promote the growth and well-being of your coral by providing them with the essential carbonates they need.
  • Buffering Capacity: Enhance your reef’s ability to resist sudden pH fluctuations, preventing stress to your aquatic inhabitants.

Vibrant Coral Colors and Growth

Healthy corals are the heart of a thriving reef, and Red Sea Reef Foundation B ensures they receive the care they deserve. With balanced KH levels, you can expect:

  • Richer Coral Colors: Witness the vibrant and intense colors of your corals as they flourish in stable conditions.
  • Rapid Coral Growth: Experience faster polyp extension and skeletal development, leading to a more visually stunning reef.
  • Resilient Marine Life: Create an environment where your fish, invertebrates, and corals can thrive together in harmony.

Easy and Precise Dosing

We understand the importance of simplicity in maintaining a reef aquarium. Red Sea Reef Foundation B comes with user-friendly dosing instructions, making it a seamless addition to your routine. Achieve precise KH levels with ease, ensuring your reef’s longevity and beauty.


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