Red Sea Reef Foundation C (Mg) – Powder 1kg

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Magnesium Supplement – robust coral skeletons are essential for all reefs, and only achievable by ensuring the basic elements Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium and Carbonate are readily available and in the correct ratio to each other. If they are not in the correct ratio the coral skeleton can form as a fragile calcite.

This product is part of Stage 1 of the new Red Sea unique Reef Care Program (RCP). The Reef Foundation Stage provides a complete solution for testing and supplementing these foundation elements and allows the reef-keeper to take control of their aquarium.

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Red Sea Reef Foundation C (Mg): The Key to Magnesium Balance in Your Reef Aquarium

Unlock the Secret to a Thriving Marine Ecosystem

Welcome to a world where your reef aquarium flourishes with vibrant marine life. Red Sea Reef Foundation C (Mg) is the essential component for achieving the perfect magnesium balance in your aquatic paradise. Let’s dive into the vital features of this remarkable product:

Magnificent Magnesium Levels

Maintaining the right magnesium (Mg) levels in your reef is pivotal for the health and vitality of your coral and marine inhabitants. Red Sea Reef Foundation C provides a precisely balanced magnesium formula, ensuring:

  • Coral Growth and Health: Promote the development of coral skeletal structures and maintain vibrant coral tissue.
  • Algae Control: Prevent unwanted algae growth by ensuring magnesium is at optimal levels.
  • Overall Reef Stability: Achieve a stable marine ecosystem that fosters the well-being of your fish and invertebrates.

Coral Resilience and Vibrant Colours

Healthy corals are the heart of a thriving reef, and Red Sea Reef Foundation C empowers them to flourish. With the right magnesium levels, you can expect:

  • Enhanced Coral Resilience: Help your corals withstand environmental stressors, ensuring their long-term health and beauty.
  • Intense Coral Colours: Witness your corals displaying brilliant and vivid hues, captivating all who gaze upon your reef.
  • Improved Polyp Expansion: Encourage your coral polyps to fully extend, creating a mesmerizing underwater spectacle.

Effortless Dosing for a Stunning Reef

We understand the importance of simplicity in reef maintenance. Red Sea Reef Foundation C (Mg) is designed for easy and precise dosing, making it a hassle-free addition to your routine. Ensure your reef’s longevity and beauty with minimal effort.


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