Bearded Dragon Setup


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Our Bearded dragon setup consisting of a 4x2x2 vivarium and everything else you need to give your dragon the best living conditions. Available in 3 colours: black, grey, oak.

The vivarium will come flat packed & ready to assemble, also included in the kit is the following;

  • 4x2x2 Vivarium
  • Ceramic bulb holder
  • 150w daytime basking bulb
  • Arcadia t5 pro 12% 24w UVB kit
  • 300w dimming thermostat
  • 2x 10kg bags of Beardie life substrate
  • Food bowl
  • 2x Calcium supplements: 1 with and 1 without Vitamin D3
  • £10 Décor voucher
  • Full instructions & care sheet




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