Habistat Hatchling Snake Starter Kit


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What is the Habitat Hatchling Snake Starter Kit?

The Habistat Hatchling Snake Starter Kit is the perfect snake care kit for getting started with keeping a hatchling snake such as a Corn snake. The starter kit includes a 61x38x20cm vivarium with an Oak or Black finish to fit seamlessly into your home decor. Easy to set up, Habistat Hatchling Snake Starter Kit includes all the essential equipment you’ll need to get started with your new pet, all of which will allow you to create a dry and hot environment for your pet.

What’s included in this snake starter kit?

Habitat Hatchling Snake Starter Kit is packed with features and is a great investment. All the essential equipment you need to care for your new snake is included such as:

  • Vivarium: The vivarium included in this kit measures 61x38x20cm providing ample space for your hatchling snake. Easy to assemble, this wooden and glass reptile closure comes in a stylish Oak and Black finish to coordinate with your existing home decor. Ventilation slots in the side panels ensure a steady flow while the hinged top makes maintenance and feeding a breeze.
  • HabiStat Heat Mat: This 12W heat mat measures 28 x 28cm and gives your snakes the warmth it needs to thermo-regulate, allowing it to perform it’s natural biological functions for optimum health.
  • HabiStat Mat Stat, 300W: Ensures the heat mat included is operating at the right temperature and uses a remote sensor to monitor the temperature in your reptile’s habitat.
  • Digital Compact Thermometer: Enables you to quickly and efficiently check your specific basking temperatures, as well as ensure the temperature gradient within your terrarium is correct.
  • HabiStat Plastic Hide: A tough hide perfect for small snakes. Reptiles like dark places in their natural habitat, so the black interior helps your pet feel secure.
  • HabiStat Coconut Cave: A 100% natural coconut shelter that reduces stress and promotes shedding. Hiding caves also stimulate your snake and offer a little privacy when they need it.
  • HabiStat Snake Bedding: 100% natural snake bedding that consists of soft, shredded wood designed specially for snakes that do not need high humidity. Dust-free, it’s extremely absorbent.
  • HabiStat Sphagnum Moss: Can be used to create a moist area in a hide to promote shedding in young and hatchling snakes.
  • HabiStat Round Plastic Water Bowl: This reptile feeding dish is made from durable plastic and is easy to clean.
  • Plastic Feeding Tongs: Reptile feeding tongs are ideal for feeding your snake. They have an easy-grip design and are lightweight. Additionally, they prevent accidental bites and mouth injuries.
  • HabiStat Bactericidal Cleaner: This ready-to-use bacterial disinfectant is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi and much more giving you the very best protection. It can be used in your enclosure and on items such as hides and bowls.

By investing in the Habistat Hatchling Snake Starter Kit, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits:

  • Simplicity: Say goodbye to the complexity of sourcing individual components. This kit provides everything you need to create a nurturing environment for your hatchling snake.
  • Snake Health and Comfort: The setup promotes a stress-free and secure environment, fostering natural behaviours and contributing to the overall health and happiness of your hatchling snake.

Begin your hatchling snake-keeping journey on the right foot with the Habistat Hatchling Snake Starter Kit. Order yours today and provide your new reptilian friend with a perfect beginning!


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