Arcadia ShadeDweller UV Lamp, 8w 7%


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– High quality
– ‘Full-Spectrum’ output
– Help provide essential Vitamin D3 within the ‘Light & Shade Method’
– 12 month lamp life
– Made in Germany

The Arcadia Reptile ShadeDweller Reptile Lamp is perfect for use with ShadeDwelling species and those living in shallow enclosures.

Made in Germany, these lamps provide the perfect balance of 7% (RFD3SD08) UV-B and 17% UV-A for D3 production and regulation. The ShadeDweller UV Lamp has a 12 month lamp life.

For far too long Crepuscular animals have not had dedicated lighting systems; ShadeDweller seeks to right this wrong!

Perfect for species in Ferguson Zones 1-2.


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