Arcadia D3+ T5 Lamp – Dragon 14% 39w 86.5cm


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– For desert species
– Flicker free
– Produces excellent natural light

The Arcadia Reptile Dragon Lamp is a bold, white, full spectrum and very bright High Output T5, UVB projection lamp for captive reptiles.

The lamp represents an almost doubling of light (LUX) and has a CRI of over 95 which will you as the keeper to see your animal in all of its natural glory. Perfect for use with sun loving reptiles in large enclosures. Suitable for use in ProT5 kits and single and twin HO-T5 controllers. 14% UV-B for both arid and forest species in large enclosures. Features high UV-B without compromising the colour output or CRI, that projects a usable index of 6 to 40cms, 20%+ more visible light than T5 D3+ Desert.

Lamp wattage 39w, length 850mm, diameter T5 16mm, lumens 1600lm. Output: UV-B 14%, UV-A (T5) 30%, Kelvin 8000K. Ultra-Violet Index (UVI): distance 300mm T5 UVI 5-7, 400mm T5 UVI 5-6. Energy efficiency rating A+. kWh/1000h* 44.


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