Pro Rep Bio Life Leaf Litter, 3l


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ProRep Bio Life Leaf litter is perfect for creating a secure hiding layer for animals such snakes, lizards, frogs, and salamanders. Simply add as decoration to the top layer of substrate to help create a natural forest environment. An essential addition to replicate the ‘litter layer’ within a bioactive enclosure.

The litter layer, as well as providing security, aids in maintaining atmospheric and substrate moisture/humidity levels, and most importantly it will provide the environment in which beneficial bacteria, fungi, and custodian insects such as springtails and wood lice will thrive and play their important role in your bioactive enclosure. In the ‘litter layer’ Bio Life Leaf litter will break down and be consumed, providing much needed food to your plant life.

ProRep Bio Life Leaf Litter contains a mix of leaves from appropriate trees such as, Poplar, Maple and Birch. Gathered from sustainable sources. ProRep Bio Life Leaf Litter is a natural product and may contain stalks and twigs.


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