Pastel Mojave Yellow Belly Royal Python (Male)


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Royal Pythons (python regius), also known as “ball pythons”, are an ideal first snake. The name “ball pythons” comes from their habit of curling into a ball to protect their heads when they are scared. A royal python usually will only bite as a last resort, and tends to be slow moving, so make an ideal snake for keepers with little or no snake experience. They usually reach between 4 and 5 feet long as adults, with females generally growing larger than males, and can live for up to 30 years.

In the wild, royal pythons come from the grasslands and open forests of Africa, so they prefer a humid enclosure with lots of clutter and decoration. They are usually nocturnal or crepuscular, so not generally very active during the day, but will happily be handled during the day.

In captivity, royal pythons are bred for different genetic morphs which present as different colouration and patterns.

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