HabiStat Terrainium, L76 x D38 x H20cm


‘- Quick and easy to build
– Multiple vents for optimal air circulation
– Easy access for cleaning and maintenance
– Effective cable management using multiple cable recesses
– Secure clip locks to prevent escapees
– Available in Oak or Black

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The HabiStat Terrainium is ideal for housing hatchling and juvenile Snakes, such as Corn Snakes, terrestrial Geckos and many more species.

Quick and easy to build and set up, the HabiStat Terrainium has a glass front and top panel to allow for good natural lighting and easy viewing.

A double layered glass base makes it easy to install a heat mat (sold separately) and an insulating layer of polystyrene below the glass base ensures the heat is projected into the Terrainium. This should not be removed. For instructions on where to place a Heat mat in a Terrainium watch our video.

A large vent at the back and vents on both sides ensure the air circulates correctly.

Opening from the top, the hinged lid stays open for easy cleaning and maintenance.

HabiStat Terrainiums are now flat packed making them easier to store and merchandise as well as reducing home delivery costs.

HabiStat Terrainiums are available in Oak and Black finish aswell as Standard and Tall


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