HabiStat Temperature Thermostat, 600 Watt


‘- Suitable for heat mats
– Easy to operate
– Accurate dial calibrated in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
– Heat and Power indicators
– Not suitable for controlling light bulbs
– Thermostat User Guide available
– Comes with a 5-year guarantee

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The HabiStat Temperature Thermostat is an on/ off thermostat that is ideal for controlling the temperature of heat mats and other heaters up to a maximum load of 600 watts.

The thermostat switches a heater on full power until the set temperature is achieved and will switch the heater off until the temperature drops below the set value. With an accurate dial calibrated in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, the HabiStat Temperature Thermostat is easy to use.

The HabiStat Temperature Thermostat has a five year guarantee.

Please note this thermostat is not suitable for controlling light bulbs.

The constant turning on and off of the light bulb would not only distress your animals, but would cause frequent failure of the lamps. This, in turn, is very likely to make your thermostat fail. For light emitting heat sources use HabiStat Dimming Thermostats.


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