HabiStat Bearded Dragon Accessory Kit


‘- Perfect for Bearded Dragons
– Designed for use with 4ft Vivariums
– Includes all UV lighting and heating
– Easy to set up
– Instructions in Tab below

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The HabiStat Bearded Dragon Accessory Kit is easy to set up and designed for Bearded Dragons, but also suitable for a number of other species like Uromastyx and Agamas.

Simply add the contents to your enclosure along with your choice of substrate!

– Arcadia Pro T5 UVB Kit, Desert, 12% UVB, 39W
– Arcadia Ceramic Lamp Holder & Bracket
– HabiStat Dimming Thermostat, High Range, 600W
– HabiStat Basking Spot Lamp, Screw, 100W
– Heater Guard, Rectangular, 12x24cm
– Digital Compact Thermometer x 2
– HabiStat Sandstone Feeding Dish
– HabiStat Sandstone Water Dish
– Arcadia EarthPro-A
– Arcadia EarthPro-Ca
– Arcadia EarthPro DragonFuel
– HabiStat Insecta Snack

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