D-D Ocean Breeze 4 Cooling Fan


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Ocean Breeze Cooling Fans

High temperatures in an aquarium can cause stress and disease. Not everyone has the budget or space for a refrigerant chiller and so a simple solution is to help cool your tank by evaporative cooling.

This low-cost solution simply involves blowing a stream of air over the surface of your tank to increase evaporation, which creates evaporative cooling.

There are plenty of low-cost fans on the market however the OCEAN BREEZE units are different, with each fan running on ball bearings, compared with similar cheaper versions where the plastic fan runs directly on the shaft. This feature adds to the cost but significantly increases the life and reduces noise levels from the fans.

To achieve the best results from evaporative cooling it is best to place the fan so that it is moving air across the top of an open aquarium. This will take warm humid air away from the surface of the aquarium replacing it with dry air from the surrounding atmosphere, allowing more efficient evaporative cooling.

Note: Should not to be used on a sump where the fan may get wet or in an enclosed cabinet / hood, this will only recirculate humid air around the space and any cooling effect will be rendered minimal or non-existent. 


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